Records Commission...

As required by Ohio Revised Code 149.38, the Trumbull County’s Records Commission meets twice per year and consists of a member of the Board of County Commissioners, the Prosecutor, the Auditor, the Recorder, and the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas.  The county’s Records Center staff serves as Secretary for the Records Commission.  The responsibilities of the Records Commission include reviewing and approving all county Records Retention Schedules and any applications for the one-time disposal of obsolete records.  All Records Commission meetings are open to the public.

Retention Schedules...

Retention Schedules (RC-2’s) mandate how long a records series is required to be retained, detail what format a record is created in, and indicate what disposal forms are required to be completed when short term records have met their retention period. The Trumbull County Records Commission is statutorily charged (Ohio Revised Code 149.38) with approving RC-2s as submitted by the departments, boards, agencies, etc.  Once the forms are approved in an open meeting, as required by ORC 121.22, RC2’s are sent to the Ohio History Connection and the Ohio State Auditor’s office for official approval.  Below is a list of the most recent retention schedules we have on file for each department,* as approved by the Trumbull County Records Commission.  Many of the schedules listed below are very old/ outdated and should be reviewed for a recent one.  The Records Center can assist with that process.  Please contact:
Lynn Wallace-Smith,  Records Manager @ (330) 675-2518 or by email:

*Please note that Court Records are governed by the Rules of Superintendence.  A court may establish retention schedules for any record not listed in the Sup. R. 26.01 to 26.05 and may extend, but not limit, the retention period for any record listed in Sup. R. 26.01 to 26.05

1990 Adult Probation
1990 Child Support
1991 Engineer
1992 Children Services
1993 Senior Rights and Advocacy
1998 Treasurer
1999 Eastern Court Schedule
2002 Board of Alcohol Drug Mental Health
2004 Building Inspection
2004 Dog & Kennel
2004 Elderly Affairs
2004 Sanitary Engineer
2006 JFS
2010 Board Of Elections
2010 Sheriff
2014 Family Court- Juvenile
2014 Recorder
2014 Recorder RC2 and revision
2015 Auto Title
2015 Commissioners RC2 approved
2022 Combined Health District
2016 Auditor RC2 approved 10192016
2016 BOE-SOS update 2016 Clerk of Court- Legal
2016 Prosecutor
2016 Soil and Water conservation district
2017 Auditor amendment to RE-29
2022 Auditor Amendment to PR-14 and PR-17
2017 HR Risk Mgmt
2017 HR
2018 EMA
2019 Maintenace BLDG Vehicle Operations
2019 MetroParks
2019 Planning Commission
2019 Prosecutor amendment
2020 Fair Board-Agricultural Society
2020 Trumbull County General Retention Schedule 11182020
2021 Auditor amendment MH-1
2021 Coroner
2021 Veterans Service Commission
2022 Amended-addition General Retention
2023 Commissioners Minutes Amendment
2023 Records Center & Archives
2023 Records Commission
2023 Engineer - Highway
2023 Recorder
2023 Auto Title
2024 Trumbull Land Bank