Clerk of Courts Records...

***For cases after the below listed time period contact the Clerk of Courts Office - Courthouse.

COMMON PLEAS COURT APPEARANCE DOCKETS:  Records indexed by plaintiff and defendant will show case number, cause of action, disposition, journal entries and a record book location if applicable. (Divorce Case Index 1953-1969, Criminal Case Index 1872-1970, Civil Case Index 1856-1971; the civil docket has divorces included until 1953).

COMMON PLEAS COURT JOURNALS 1808-1975:  Includes daily court action on cases in civil, divorce and criminal courts.
COMMON PLEAS COURT RECORD BOOKS 1808-1975:  Are exact transcripts of each case. This information is retrievable by using the appearance docket. The early books do not have indexes.

CASE FILES:  CIVIL, CRIMINAL, DOMESTIC, COURT OF APPEALS. Are available in both electronic form and microfilm - depending on the year, starting in the year 1800.   

We are in the process of digitizing most court records for immediate access, as well as creating the permanent microfilm for offsite storage.  Currently we have Criminal Files up to 2008; Civil Files up to 2006, Domestic Files (Divorces/Dissolutions) up through 1996, and Court of Appeal files up to 1995; all readily available for public access. 

NATURALIZATION RECORDS: Naturaliazations through 1930.